Fifty Books in 2015

It's been a crazy month, readers, but here I am again, and with renewed energy. 2014 has been a busy year (I worked in five different jobs, got married, moved to Australia from Minnesota, finished my novel, started a new one--no big), and here in Melbourne, there is only about 12 hours of the year left. I'm normally not big on New Year's resolutions, because I think we all get introspective this time of year, looking back on the things we accomplished and the things at which we failed, and from those pensive moments we make wild proclamations. Simply put, decisions made out of pure emotion rarely stick. However, I do have goals this year. I want to get my debut novel signed by a publishing house. I want to work full-time. I want to finish my second novel. I want to learn a lot about things I'm currently embarrassed to be lacking knowledge in: cooking and science, to name a couple.

But mostly, I want to read, and read widely. I want to read books I would normally never choose for myself. All around the city of Melbourne are libraries and bookstores chock full of literary surprises, not to mention the millions of titles I have at my fingertips through Kindle and iBooks. There is no excuse anymore for not accessing the books that scare me, the authors who intimidate me, the subjects I never thought would interest me. We all know that I think everyone should read books, and that a writer's greatest dilemma can be whether to spend that free hour writing or reading. With all the free time I've had in the last five months, being in a new country and unemployed, I have read more books than ever, and I plan to continue that trend.

So here goes. Below is a checklist my husband found on imgur that started all this business. In 2015, I am going to make my way through this checklist (about fifty books) and blog about each title I read. It might be a full review, or just a few sentences on what I did or did not like about the book, but it will be something.

If you want to join me, awesome. Feel free to comment with a link to your own blog if you are participating in your own reading challenge, and I will try to read your thoughts as well. And if you have any recommendations for how to fulfill a particular check, please let me know that too! Not sure how I'll find a book with antonyms in the title, but I'm ready for anything (the Gilmore Girls fan in me begs that I say, in omnia paratus).

So, here we go. My 2015 Reading Challenge!