Hello puppy, goodbye free time

One of the most uncool things a new pet owner can do is go up to someone who has an actual child and say, "Man, this parenting thing is rough, isn't it?" The look of absolutely unimpressed-ness you get is something to behold.

But after a week of being one of the main two humans for our new dog, London, I can say this:

I didn't think it was possible to have less free time than I already did.

Don't get me wrong. I have free time. I think we all pretty much do. It's just that once he finally runs himself out of his crazy puppy energy after we get home from work, I am so shot that I'm ready to crawl into his crate with him myself.

When I asked fellow writer Allison Tait how she got any writing done with a puppy, and she said "Oh, that puppy phase is AWFUL. It's like having a walking newborn with sharp teeth."

Word. I get this.

Because even though I love this raging little ball of fluff with all the feelings inside me, there has been a point each and every day of this one week I've had him where I've thought, "Dude, CHILL OUT."

My hands are covered in scratches and I haven't had more than four hours of uninterrupted sleep (I know, parents everywhere are all cry, cry, cry at me saying that) and I'm pretty sure I've never loved the arrival of 9:00 p.m. (my earliest justifiable bedtime) more than I do now.

But then I see him when he sits on the floor of the kitchen watching me cook, or watch him chase a smell around the backyard, and I think, how did I get the cutest dog in the world?


So folks, I'm sorry I haven't been writing. I'm sorry my social media feed is pretty much full of puppy pics. If you need me, I'll be running around my backyard being herded by London, the mighty Aussie Shepherd pup. The computer will always be there, but this guy won't be small enough for me to catch for long.