Intermittent fasting, interviews & investment

Sometimes I try to write blogs full of inspiration and y'all-can-do-it talk. Sometimes I write about writing or about a great book I just read. Today, I'm going to write about the past few weeks of my life, which included intermittent fasting, interviews and investment.

Let's start with intermittent fasting.

If you haven't heard of IF, it's basically where you give up food either for a specific chunk of hours every day (fast 16 hours, eat for 8) or for one full day out of a week/fortnight/month. There are a lot of health benefits to this, including weight loss, lowering risk of heart disease, longer life expectancy, etc.

I work out in the mornings, so fasting for 16 hours isn't a great idea for me since that would mean I'd go at least six hours after a heavy workout with no food. And I have this husband who likes eating dinner, so it would be hard to go without at night. That's why I decided to go the occasional fast-for-24-solid-hours route and I'm here to report some surprising results:

  1. It wasn't actually that hard. I woke up, had two coffees (good appetite suppressant), and left for work. Once I got there, I was pretty hungry, but I powered through it, drank a ton of water, and got through the morning. Lunchtime was an interesting story as the office filled with the tantalizing aroma of my colleagues' various curries, toasted sandwiches, and other wonderful globs of carby goodness. Yet still, I proceeded, drinking my water and green tea and soldiering on.

  2. I didn't get a headache or lose focus. I would have thought these things would happen, but I actually did okay. I didn't feel less productive or struggle with aches and pains like you sometimes hear about during a fast. Granted, I didn't go a whole month on only vegetable broth like some folks do, but still.

  3. When I ate that night, 24 hours after my dinner from the night before, I didn't scarf it down ravenously. By that point, I actually could have finished the whole day of being awake with no food, but I knew I wanted to exercise the next morning, so I thought it was best to have a small dinner.

All this to say, I think I will definitely be trying IF again. Even aside from the health benefits, I think fasting is a great exercise in self-control, and as someone who has always been privileged enough to get just about anything I want--and certainly anything I need--I think denying myself now and then is a good thing.

Next, interviews.

Well, one interview, really. But I'm incredibly excited about it! I was privileged to be contacted by the lovely author Natasha Lester, who asked to interview me as a part of her emerging writer discussions for her blog.

Read the interview  here

Read the interview here

I loved doing this interview, talking about what I write and both the blessings and drawbacks of being an as-yet-unpublished writer. Side note, I also read Natasha's new novel last week. A Kiss from Mr. Fitzgerald was completely delightful and engrossing--nothing like a great novel set in the 1920s jazz age of New York City. Get thee to reading it, now.

Finally, investment.

In approximately two weeks, my husband and I will be holding the keys to our very own home. Part of the reason I've had so little time to blog or work on my novel over the past few months is that we've spent every weekend looking at houses. After several nearly-but-not-quite offers and disappointing inspections, we finally put in an offer and got a yes. While we're now busy looking at dream kitchens and reading nooks, the stress of looking around constantly and having houses we love sell for thousands more than we can afford is now over.

And the people said AMEN.

So, lovely readers, that's where I'm at. What have your past few weeks looked like?